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Tems: Rise Of Nigeria’s Grammy Award Winner

Tems: Rise Of Nigeria’s Grammy Award Winner


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MARCH 2023

New York


Week 2023

How to

Build the

Perfect Skin

Care Routine


Facts About

Louis Vuitton

You Never





The Gift

that Keeps

on Giving

10 Easy

Ways To


Look More



Style &




Rise Of Nigeria’s Grammy

Award Winner

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March 2023


Rise Of Nigeria’s Grammy

Award Winner


How to Build

the Perfect Skin

Care Routine




How To

Prepare The

Perfect Egusi

Soup At Home


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Top 50 Spring 2023 Ready-to-

Wear Runway Photos


ears rolled down my

eyes as I watched Tems

pick up her Grammy

Award. It was such an

emotional moment for me for

many reasons. My flatmate

here in Manchester rooted for a

different nominee to clinch the

award in that category, but she

shared the moment with me

and spoke on what a beautiful

career and life Tems is having.

How did a self-taught

musician and producer who

only stepped onto the scene in

2018 manage to win a Grammy

Award four years later? Tems’

story is one that is both inspiring

and challenging. I have been a

longtime fan and will continue

to be one.

After watching the ceremony

and extended interviews, I lay

on my bed. I flipped through

my messages and emails –

and there it was, an email for

my amiable Editor-in-Chief,

informing me to do a feature on

Tems for our current edition.

Like Tems, Glamsquad

Magazine has grown

tremendously within a short

period. Our magazine now ranks


on Yimpu as one of the

most consistent and widely

read magazines across the

globe, and we would not

be here without you – our

lovely reader.

This edition is a complete

package – with a feature

on Oprah Winfrey, we

highlight the significance

of women in society.

If you love fashion

and style, then this is

the edition for you. Our

editors and writers went

all out to deliver another

masterpiece, and I am

more than happy to share

with you another enriching

edition packed with love.


Sincerely Yours,

A .

Ameena Dayo

Editor, G.S

Editor-In-chief /


Remi Diagbare


Amenna Dayo

Deputy editor

Chioma Esui


Praise David

Grace Effiong


Staff Writers

Sasha Bokamoso


Dr. Nkechi Omoson

Chef Amaka Obiefuna

Kabirat Opoola

graphics /

Web Manager

Layi Success


Tega Diagbare

Imioms Dan Anyiam

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Suite B2, 388. HFP Shopping Complex, Abraham

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please contact the marketing Director

Tel: +09150764272, +44 7424 594773

or email,

[email protected],

[email protected]

We pay for exclusive celebrity stories.


20 +2



For The Perfect


Chic List



Please note that all photos used in this special

digital edition of Glamsquad Magazine were

sourced freely online.

Glamsquad maintains no rights over the images/

photos, while we have tried to give appropriate

credit where due, we are aware some artistes

were not credited.

We remain committed to supporting intellectual

property and creativity.

© 2023 Tegali Communications

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Movie Director of the Year

Kunle Afolayan

Ryan Kyle Coogler

Tyler Perry

Movie of the Year

Woman King (2022)

Aníkúlápó (2022)

Black Panther 2:

Wakanda Forever (2022)

Music Artiste of the Year



Tiwa Savage






20 Categories – 60 Nominees

– 20 Glamsquad Style and Heroes

Awards! Once again, greatness is

upon us as we unveil the Best-ofthe-Best

who took their crafts to the

zenith in 2022.

Glamsquad has preserved the

rich history of creativity that births

style, fashion, entertainment, and

the pistons on which the fulcrum

of our everyday existence runs.

Here, we bring you the world’s

most outstanding achievers at your


From Adele, Tiwa Savage, Selena

Gomez, and Naomi Campbell to

Tiffany Haddish, Tyler Perry, Lupita

Nyong’o, Mayowa Nicolas, and

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, explore

the nominees and winners of the

prestigious Glamsquad Style and

Heroes Awards 2022.

Go on…..experience greatness!

Music Video Director of the Year



Unlimited LA

Song of the Year

Calm Down, by Rema

Ft. Selena Gomez

I Drink Wine, by Adele

Last Last, by Burna Boy

Music Album of the Year

Love, Damini, by

Burna Boy

V, by Asa

Mr. Money with the

Vibe, y Asake

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Fashion Icon of the Year

Tiwa Savage

Rita Dominic

Naomi Campbell

Designer of the Year

Adèle Dejak Aisha Ayensu Palesa Mokubung

Model of the Year

Mayowa Nicolas Anok Yai Adut Akech





Comedian of the Year

Taaooma Tiffany Haddish Real Warri Pikin

Woman of the Year

Samia Suluhu Hassan

Sahle-Work Zewde

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

OAP of the Year

Sarah Osioriamhe Tega Onojaife Uche Smith

Sports Personality of the Year

Chisom Mbonu

Asisat Lamina Oshoala

Alexia Putellas Segura

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Beauty Company of the Year

House of Tara (HoT)

BMpro Makeup

Zaron Cosmetics

Actress of the Year

Letitia Michelle Wright

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o

Viola Davis

Accessory Designer of the Year

Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri


Aya Keita

(Cote d’Ivoire )

Akudo Iheakanwa


Social Media Influencer of the Year

Boitumelo Thulo

Bonang Matheba

Symply Tacha






Entrepreneur of the Year

Teta Isibo - Fashion


Monica Musonda

- Food (Zambia)

Lorna Rutto - Recycling


Advocate and Social

Change Agent of the Year

Greta Thunberg

Rinu Oduala

Meaza Ashenafi

Philanthropist of the year

Purity Kagwiria

Lyn Cole

Patricia Hamzahee

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The Chic List

20 +2 Must-Haves Access

Perfect 21St-Century



Baseball Cap




Stud Earrings


Sasha Bokamoso

From cute hair accessories

to trendy jewelry, every

lady needs an arsenal

stocked with colorful beads

and baubles that can add

sass to any ensemble. Unsure

of where to start? Let our

fashion editors guide you to

draft the perfect chick list that

notes every accessory you

should have.

Accessories make for great

conversation starters. If you

are someone who fancies

accessories, then you should

be used to people walking

up to you to complement an

accessory you have on.

For some, the curiosity is

out of admiration, while for

others, it is to inquire if there is

a story behind that particular

item. Sometimes there is, and

most times, there isn’t. That’s

why they say go down the

vintage road, and you will

find out that each piece is

unique and tells a story.

Even if you are a minimalist,

certain accessories should

make their way to your chic


We hope this list acts as

a simple add-on to your

must-have wardrobe basic

list. There’s lots of room to

experiment with accessories,

and this list could have been


Here’s a list of 20 +2 musthave

basic accessories to

use with your expanded

wardrobe basics.


Slim Belt




ories For The


Sun Hat






Hair Accessories




Variety of Rings






Waist Belt

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Easy Ways To

Instantly Look

More Fashionable

Chioma Esui

Don’t think of your jacket as a

jacket. Think of it as a cape with

sleeves that fall by your arms.

Especially going into transitional

weather, it’s a simple way to wear

a jacket that won’t make you

overheat, but will still give you the

coverage you want.



Wear your

Jacket on your



Looking more fashionable

isn’t always


wearing the

coolest trends,

mastering complicated styling

tricks, or wearing the most

expensive clothes. (Who has the

bank account for that, anyway?

Can’t be me.) It can really be

as easy as loosely tucking in

your shirt, throwing on a pair

of sunglasses, or adding more

layers to your look.

Even if a specific ensemble

feels outside of your comfort

zone, just go around and act

like it’s something you wear all

the time—your outfit is as much

about your attitude as it is the

clothes and accessories.

But if you still want some easy

tips to help pull off an overthe-top

‘fit or look fashionable

without trying too hard,

here are 10 ways to get the

compliments rolling in.


Pair a Blazer with

a Graphic Tee

A luxe blazer over an edgier

graphic T-shirt paired with

jeans pulls off that “high-low”

look. It’s an effortless ‘fit that’s

both casual and dressed

up, no matter where you’re






If you put on an outfit and it

feels like it’s missing something

that you can’t quite put your

finger on, odds are it’s a pair

of sunglasses. Even better if

they coordinate with the rest

of your outfit, like this lilac pair

here. They’re also easier to

put on than eye makeup, just









Pick two or three colors

to base your outfit

around (in this case mint

green and off-white),

and then go off that

with your clothing and

accessories—and even

your makeup! You’ll look

pulled together and

elevated no matter what

scheme you go with.


up your


Whatever you would

normally choose for

footwear, choose

the opposite. Trade

your high heels for flat

booties, your sneakers

for high heels, and

your sandals for

sneakers. The more

wrong it feels, the

more right it is. Trust

me on this one.

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13




and more



Mix Textures

Pile on a bunch of different fabrics

in one look—ribbed knit, snakeskin

print, suede, silk, leather, etc.—and it’s

super chic. You can opt to go bold

with your color choices or keep them

all in the same shade to make the

texture mixing more subtle.

The more layers you have,

the less likely any one

piece is to really make or

break your outfit, so go

crazy—e.g., wear a coat,

over a dress, over a m

Wear your Jacket on your


Don’t think of your jacket

as a jacket. Think of it as a

cape with sleeves that fall

by your arms. Especially

going into transitional

weather, it’s a simple

way to wear a jacket that

won’t make you overheat,

but will still give you the

coverage you want.

esh shirt, with tights, like

seen here. Basically,

think of yourself as a

fashionable onion. A

bonus: This tip works well

in the winter time when

you need to bundle up



Wear your crossbody

bag in the front

Pull that thing around to the front and

show it off. You know it’s your favorite

part of your outfit anyway. Another

trick is to adjust it so that the strap is

shorter and sits closer to your waist as

opposed to the top of your leg.







Opt for


Pick one hue and go for it!

(You definitely don’t have to

match your hair lol, but you

can if you want.) This option

makes getting dressed for

the day wayyy faster since it

narrows down your choices,

and you can match headto-toe

without spending too

much time on your outfit.

Don’t tuck in

your top all the


Whether it’s a sweater, a tank, or

a collared silk shirt, just grab that

middle front piece, loosely tuck it

down, and watch your style cred

increase instantaneously. The less

effort you put into the tuck, the


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15




Vuitton Yo


All Louis Vuitton

handbags are

handmade. It takes

about a week to

create one handbag.


Louis Vuitton

opened his first

store in 1854, he

began making

handbags after the

1892 world’s fair.

Chioma Esui

The brand’s iconic


logo print and

stylish handbags are

timeless and there’s no

monogram easier to

recognise than Louis

Vuitton. But did you

know that Louis Vuitton

changed the way

luggage was made?

Here are a few

interesting facts about

Louis Vuitton:



After every season, if any of LV

products are not sold then, they are

sent back to its factory in France and

are shredded or burnt, in order to

sustain an item’s value and class of


4You will never find

Louis Vuitton on



Vuitton bags are

waterproof and fireproof. This

is one of the reasons why they

are so expensive.




g Facts About Louis

u Never Knew


The Alma was originally

custom designed for Coco

Chanel herself.

The tan leather

used alongside the

monogram is all

natural and contains

no dye or chemical

colouring, which is

why it darkens over




Both Louis Vuitton’s famous

Damier and Monogram

prints were created to

avoid copycats.


Louis Vuitton, the man, got his

big break as the official boxmaker

and packer of Napoleon

Bonaparte’s wife, Empress

Eugenie de Montijo of France.


Louis Vuitton

began his career

as a trunk maker

at age 16.

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Rise Of Nigeria’s Grammy

Award Winner

By Amenna Daayo,

Affa Acho, & Shalayne Pulia

Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as

Tems, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter,

and self-taught producer TEMS. She

broke onto the music entertainment

scene in 2018 with her hit single “Mr Rebel.”

The Lagos-born artist actually taught

herself how to produce (via YouTube)

just to release the track, which highlights

her unique, soothing sound built on an

Afrobeats foundation. “Me releasing my

first song is me believing in myself,” she


Since then, betting on her talent has paid

off. Tems has carved a space for herself not

only in the Nigerian music industry but on

the global music stage. Her fresh take on

R&B even caught the attention of Tommy

Jeans, a brand known for its legacy of

outfitting icons from ‘90s hip-hop, rap, and

R&B culture.

Tommy Jeans recently cast TEMS in its

new “Play to Progress” campaign, where

she can be seen rocking the Reversible

Chicago Windbreaker.

With ‘Play to Progress,’ Tommy Jeans is

highlighting creators who give themselves

the license and freedom to innovate and

inspire positive, creative change in others,

exactly the kind of legacy Tems hopes to

leave for younger artists. “In general, I know

that I’m going to open so many doors

for African music,” she says. “[I want to]

encourage as many people as I can while

I’m here and be a support, a coach to

anyone that needs me.”

In what many pundits say is the perfect

recognition of her contribution to Afro music

on the global stage, Tems won a Grammy

Award at the 2023 event. Analysts say the

award is a spell of good things to come

for female musicians in the Nigerian music






www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


“It’s incredible. I

get to work with

people that, five

years ago, were

on my playlist.

You know, I was

jamming with

them, and now

I’m working with

them. It’s such

a pleasure,

and I feel like

this is just the





from the EP became another

follow-up hit to “Try Me,”

peaking at number one on

the Nigerian Apple Music chart

and number six on the thennewly

launched TurnTable Top

50 chart and garnering five

million views on YouTube.

Impressive as her past

projects were, it was her

appearance on WizKid’s

2020 single Essence that

helped propel her to global

prominence when the song

reached the top 10 of the

Billboard Hot 100 chart after

the release of a remixed

version with an additional

feature from Justin Bieber,

and earned her a Grammy

nomination. The track was

dubbed the song of the

summer and introduced to a

global audience.

For the Grammy awardscene

amid stereotypes in the

creative space.

When the nominees for

the 2023 Grammy were

announced on November 15,

2022, many Nigerian music

aficionados were happy that

Tems was on the list.

The 27-year-old Nigerian

singer, however, made history

on 5th February 2023, after

becoming the first Nigerian

female artist to win a Grammy.

However, others argue that the

first Nigerian female singer to

achieve the feat was British-

Nigerian singer Sade, whose

real name is Helen Folasade

Adu. She has won the award

four times.

Tems won the Best Melodic

Rap Performance category

for her contribution to the hit

song Wait for U with Future and

Drake. She was nominated in

a category that had heavy

music weights like Latto (“Big

Energy (Live),” Jack Harlow

(“First Class”), Kendrick Lamar

(“Die Hard”), and DJ Khalid.

For Tems, her rise to the

top can only be described as

phenomenal, given that she

started music professionally

in 2018 after she quit her job

to pursue a career in music.

Just over four years later, she’s

a Grammy winner with a list

of collaborations with notable

international stars.

After she released her debut

single, “Mr Rebel,” in 2018,

a song which she produced

herself, she dropped another

single, “Try Me.” Tems released

her debut extended play, For

Broken Ears, in September

2020. The project was

produced primarily by her,

and the single “Damages”

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


American rap superstar

Future tapped Canadian

super Star Drake and Tems,

Future noted that what

makes a big part of

“Wait For You” is such a

special song in Tems’ sultry


Tems’ vocals originally

appeared on “Higher”

from her 2020 debut EP For

Broken Ears. Even though

she’s sampled on the song,

the 27-year-old earned

her first No. 1 single on the

Billboard Hot 100 thanks

to Future listing her as a

feature on “Wait For U.”

It’s just her third Hot 100 hit

following Wizkid’s “Essence”

(No. 15) and Drake’s

“Fountains” (No. 26).

Not a stranger to

international accolades, Tems

was the first African female

artiste to debut at number

one on the Billboard Hot

100. Tems bagged two BET

Awards, becoming the first

Nigerian female to win ‘Best

International Act’ at the BET


Tems hit the number 1

spot on the Billboard Charts

With a Cover Of “No Woman

No Cry.” She also became

the first Nigerian artiste with

the most Billboard Hot 100


Tems spontaneity and

unique music sound

also endeared her to

the international sporting

company Reebok. The singer

got an endorsement deal

with the brand less than two

months after she got the

deal with Tommy Hilfiger. The

sportswear brand announced

the deal on Monday, January

7, via a campaign tagged

“Life is Not a Spectator Sport.

According to the campaign

director and Senior Director of

Marketing Creative & Design

at Reebok, Jide Osifeso, the

campaign aimed to motivate

consumers to follow their

passions, celebrate their

individuality, and become

active participants in the world

around them.

In addition to this, Tems also

bagged a partnership deal

with Coca-Cola to take African

music to the next stage. For

Tems, having achieved a lot

in the last five years, without




a doubt, the sky is her starting

point. In an interview with Rolling

Stone magazine, the singer

says winning the Grammy was”

just the beginning” for her.

“It’s incredible. I get to work

with people that, five years

ago, were on my playlist. You

know, I was jamming with them,

and now I’m working with them.

It’s such a pleasure, and I feel

like this is just the beginning,”

she says.

Speaking to Vogue after her

Grammy win, Tems said, “I’ve

never been in the same place

with so many artists in one

space before, People coming

together to celebrate work and


Tems added that the

Grammys carried poignant

significance throughout her

childhood. “Back in the day,

the Grammys were an event,”

she says. “So attending the

ceremony was a full-circle


Accordingly, “Tems’ Grammy

win last weekend is a spell

of good things to come

for female musicians in the

Nigerian music scene. Since

the 60s, often dubbed the

Golden Era of music in West

Africa, women have been

underserved, undermined,

and underrepresented in the

creative space, particularly in

show business.”

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


Model To







-The Face of Africa

Sasha Bokomoso

Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi

is best known for her work

as a Victoria’s Secret

lingerie model and a

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

She appeared in six Victoria’s Secret

Fashion shows in 2000, 2002, 2003,

2005, 2006 and 2007. She appeared

in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

four times from 2005 to 2008.

Onweagba has modeled on the

runway for Christian Dior, Chanel,

Giorgio Armani, John Galliano among

others. She has been in campaigns for

Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Express,

Gap, Gianfranco Ferré, Victoria’s

Secret and others. Onweagba

appeared on the cover or been

featured in many international fashion

magazines including Elle, Arise, Pop

Vogue, Vanity Fair, V and W Marie

Claire, Allure among others.

She has the distinction of being

one of the first faces of Africa in the

modeling industry and being one of

the tallest at 6’0”. She started her own

modeling agency in South Africa in

2008 and is the host/head judge of

Africa’s Next Top Model.

She was born on August 1, 1980

in Lagos, Nigeria. She was discovered

when she won the inaugural Face of

Africa competition in 1998, entering

at the urging of a family friend. She

was married in August 2005 to fashion

designer Luca Orlandi, with whom she

has a son, Ugochukwu.

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25

Top 50

Spring 2023


Runway Photo


Sarah Karmali, Amy De Klerk

& Sasha Bokamoso






Another season of

fashion shows has now

wrapped, with the spring/

summer 2023 collections

debuting in New York, London,

Milan and Paris.

After the past two years of

pandemic-related disruptions

and cancellations, we were

treated to a relatively normal

month of shows – aside from in

London, which coincided with

the official period of national

mourning, following the death of

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

While shows from the likes of Harris

Reed, Erdem and Christopher

Kane went ahead, a number had

to be rearranged due to closures

in the capital, particularly on the

day of the funeral itself.

But it was business as usual

in the other three cities. In New

York, we had Fendi celebrating

the 25th anniversary of the

iconic Baguette, alongside the

latest collections from Michael

Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom





www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


Stella McCartney

Miu Miu





Louis Vuitton

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


Alexander McQueen

Raf Simons





Ralph Lauren

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31




Puts Street Style Edge on Classic

Suiting In Wide-Leg Trousers &

Slingback Pumps

Ashley Rushford & Praise David

You can always count on

Naomi Campbell to serve

a look. The legendary

model was sharply suited

as she arrived at Elton John’s

AIDS Foundation Gala Benefit at

Annabel’s in London last year.

Campbell put a modern twist

on a monochromatic moment.

For the occasion, the “Empire”

alum wore a double-breasted

blazer jacket. The formal outwear

included wide lapels, a cinched

waisted, and slits near the hem.

She paired the overcoat with

loose-fitting wide-leg pants.

To add a touch of glam to

her look, Campbell accessorized

with oversized square frames and

layered gold chains. She touted

her essentials in a small leather

handbag and sealed the deal

with her signature neutral makeup.

Campbell continued with a

classy vibe by pulling it all together

with a pair of black slingback

pumps. The sleek silhouette had a

satin pointed-toe, suede uppers,

and a tiny curved heel.

On the topic of classic shoes

that always manage to reinvent

themselves, nothing comes close

to the timeless slingback heel. A

loyal slingback will be there for you

when pumps feel too formal, and

sandals are too bare.

Campbell has an utterly

chic and modern sartorial

taste that she wears during live

appearances and in streetwear

photos alike. She is one of the

fashion industry’s most popular

supermodels and has worked

for over 40 years. Campbell

has modeled in campaigns for

labels like Versace, Givenchy, and

Calvin Klein. She has also walked

runway shows for brands like Alaïa,

Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Marc


Check out how

the supermodel

stepped out!

Slingback Pumps


blazer jacket






www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33




The Gift that Keeps

on Giving

Kimberley Schoeman

There are many high profile

talk show hosts, billionaire

philanthropists and Oscarnominated

actresses, but few

come close to Oprah Winfrey.

Upon reaching her 69th

birthday, the media mogul’s

generosity shows no signs of

slowing down. She is the gift

that keeps on giving.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

ran for 25 years until 2011,

making it the highest rated

daytime talk show in the history

of American television. But the

talk show is only one of many

highlights that punctuate the

career of the most influential

women in media.

Oprah’s origins in rural

Mississippi, giving birth at the

age of 14, and becoming the

first black anchor for her local

news broadcaster equipped

her to master the art of intimate

conversations, compelling

confrontations and telling

human interest stories. She

was the first black woman to

become a billionaire, which she

did in 2003 as seen in the Forbes


Oprah’s film debut as Sofia

in The Colour Purple (1985)

earned her a nomination for Best

Supporting Actor at Academy

Awards and, in 2013, she was

awarded the Presidential Medal

of Freedom, the United States’

highest civilian honour.

Oprah before she

was Oprah

Born into poverty, the only

expectation for Oprah was she

would become a housekeeper,

as her mother and grandmother


“As a child I was raised by my

grandmother who used to whip

me often. I would get beaten

and not allowed to have any

emotion about it”, Oprah said

on Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New


At the age of 13, unable to




bear the circumstances, Oprah

ran away from home, but

became pregnant and gave

birth prematurely.

“After I gave birth at 14 years

old … when that child died my

father said to me, ‘this is your

second chance. This is your

opportunity to seize this moment

and make something of your

life’,” Oprah said on Oprah’s Life


Her natural tendency to

perform well in school and

excellent articulation secured

her a part-time news anchor

position at a local radio station.

Three years later, she was

breaking ground for black

women in the South as the first

black anchor at WLAC-TV,

a Tennessee-based news


In 1984, Oprah hosted her

first episode of AM Chicago,

which evolved over two years

and was renamed The Oprah

Winfrey Show. But what makes

her a force to be reckoned

with, and allows her talk shows

to expand is she refuses to

stay silent. That same year

Oprah started her own media

company, Harpo Inc, which

proves to be one of the most

successful media empires.

The Oprah


Everything Oprah touches

turns to gold — the “Oprah

Effect”. Through Oprah’s Book

Club — now a partnership

with Apple — and Oprah’s

Favourite Things, she has

boosted sales and triggered

wider conversations about

books, political causes,

movies and fashion. There is

even a documentary called

The Oprah Effect.

The Oprah Effect also

has an adverse effect. The

Texas cattle industry had a

beef with Oprah after a 1996

episode called Dangerous

Food, about the Mad Cow

Disease. Oprah declared that

the disease “stopped [her]

cold from eating another


The Texas cattle industry,

which featured in the episode,

said meat sales dropped

and filed a lawsuit against

Oprah, claiming more than

$10 million in damages. After

winning the case in 1998,

Oprah credited the ruling as a

win for free speech.

“I will continue to use

my voice,” Oprah said to a

cheering crowd outside the

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35


courthouse. “I believed from

the beginning this was an

attempt to muzzle that voice.

I come from a people who

have struggled and died in

order to have a voice in this

country, and I refuse to be


Her fight against silencers

infuses her philanthropy,

including the Oprah Winfrey

Leadership Academy for

Girls (OWLAG), in Meyerton,


“Each student has had to

overcome childhood poverty

and trauma during their lives,

yet also possesses a resilience,

courage and spirit seldom that

make them stand out among

their peers,” reads the OWLAG


“This school is my greatest

legacy,” says Oprah.

Everybody gets

a car!

For a 2004 episode of

The Oprah Winfrey Show the

audience was selected based

on nominations from friends

and family who said that

person desperately needed

a car. She gave 11 people a

Pontiac and said one more

person would win a car if there

was a key in the box each

member of the audience had

been given.

But, upon opening their

boxes every member of

the audience discovered

they would receive a new

car. Giveaways of products

advertised on TV is nothing

new, but Oprah made it the

main event.


interviews in


From the Oprah Winfrey

Show’s debut in 1986 until 2011,

Oprah has conducted more

than 37,000 interviews. Some

interviews are more memorable

than others.

The 1993 film Michael

Jackson Talks … to Oprah was

viewed by 90 million people,

where Oprah speaks to the then

untarnished King of Pop, in his

first interview in more than a

decade. It’s difficult to watch the

interview through a 2023 lens

when Jackson speaks about

surrounding himself with children

as an adult to compensate for a

lost childhood.

Children surrounding Jackson

would later file lawsuits against

him claiming sexual abuse.

Funnier scenes include Jackson

audaciously beatboxing and

singing, while Oprah asks him




I believed from the

beginning this was an

attempt to muzzle that

voice. I come from

a people who have

struggled and died in

order to have a voice

in this country, and I

refuse to be muzzled

questions. Oprah is the queen of

good delivery.

The 2009 interview with Whitney

Houston saw the singer talk about

the power of love, drugs, rehab,

relapse and redemption, topics

most black women did not have

the luxury to speak about publicly

at the time.

As the biggest day-time host in

history, Oprah will not be silenced.

Her newer talk film format also

shocks and spawns pop culture

moments. It is hard to forget

the line, Oprah asked Meghan,

Duchess of Sussex, “Were you

silent or were you silenced?”

accompanied by a zipper-like


Oprah shows no signs of

stopping her philanthropy, stamps

of approval, and interviews that

keep audiences on the edge of

their seats. She’s slated to appear

in her first movie in five years — her

last role was in Ava DuVernay’s 2018

adaptation, A Wrinkle In Time. The

Oscar nominated actress will star

in a new Netflix movie, directed by

her pal, Tyler Perry, called Six Triple

Eight, about an all-black, all-female

unit that fought in World War II. The

streaming service hasn’t confirmed

a release date yet.

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37


All You Miss at the

New York Fashion

Week 2023

Praise David

The New York Fashion Week

2023 has kicked off the

year on a perfect note.

Fashion Week has taken

over New York City once again

with six days of Fall-Winter 2023


As you would recall, last season

marked the return of nearly

all in-person shows, and A-List

celebrities descended on the

city for a packed schedule of

slick high-production shows

all around Manhattan and

Brooklyn. This week, the trend

toward iconic backdrops and

grand architecture continues,

with shows taking place at

the historic main branch of

the New York Public Library,

classic hotspot the Rainbow

Room, and the Solomon R.

Guggenheim Museum.

At the New York Fashion Week

2023, the mood was high

fantasy as Rodarte kicked off

the official schedule inside the

neoclassical Williamsburgh



Savings Bank, transforming the

landmarked Brooklyn institution into

an otherworldly banquet populated

by gothic fairies.

Rodarte’s romantic collections have

a loyal celebrity following, and

guests include actors Brie Larson,

Jemima Kirke, and Natasha Lyonne.

Models walked to the sounds of

buzzing flies and thumping techno,


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39


while colors shifted from vibrant

to black, signaling decay.

Celebrity runway cameos have

included Lindsay Lohan’s siblings

Ali and Cody, who walked

Christian Siriano’s early Thursday

show (with Lohan present in the

front row), as well as a surprise

appearance from “White Lotus”

actor Jon Gries on the Eckhaus

Latta runway on Saturday

night. Emily Ratajkowski closed

Simkhai’s presentation of powerdressing


Other celebrities spotted front

row during the week have

included the always-masked

South African singer Orville

Peck and Japanese Breakfast

frontwoman Michelle Zauner, the

latter who showed up to Rodarte

and cool-girl staple Sandy Liang.

“I’m so flattered that people get

it,” Liang said of cultivating a

loyal following, which includes

Bella Hadid and Phoebe

Bridgers. Liang’s latest

collection imagined

the dress as a

“modern, everyday

uniform,” mixing

feminine silhouettes

— with signature bows,

rosettes, and ballet

pointe flats — with

utilitarian additions.

Check out our

collection of cool

pictures which

caught our eye,

and we are certain

will catch yours





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Tems Make

History at




+ Our Best Red Carpet Looks

Praise David


In what turned out to be one of the

highlights of the night, Nigerian artist

Tems, whose full name is Temilade

Openiyi, won her very first Grammy

at the 2023 Awards ceremony. The

27-year-old musician—who, last year,

worked with Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake,

and Future—was up for multiple

awards, including Best Melodic Rap

Performance and Album of the Year.

Tems attended the event in a beautiful

dress which attracted non-stop clicks

from the paparazzi. “Back in the day, the

Grammys were definitely an event,” Tems


So attending the ceremony was a full-circle

moment. For the personal milestone, the

artist opted to wear a gold gown designed

by British label Vivienne Westwood that

incorporated a va-va-voom silhouette, a

corset, and criss-crossing pearl necklaces





Mary J



Doja Cat


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 43


Sam Smith

and straps. Tems described her look as

the perfect mix of “soft, but sultry.”

She says she was particularly drawn to

wearing a Vivienne Westwood design

in light of the label’s namesake and

founder’s recent death at 81. “There were

other options — but I just thought it was

so special,” Tems says of the dress, which

was completed two weeks before last

night’s ceremony. “I really wanted to wear


According to Tems, the look neatly aligns

with her penchant for duality. “I feel like

I’m feminine. But I think everyone has

some type of ratio of feminine and

masculine energy,” she says. “Mine just

switches out sometimes. Sometimes I’m

more feminine, sometimes I’m more

masculine. I like to express that in what I


Here, we have shared our best Red

Carpet photos from the event – of cause,

Tems was our favourite!

Harry Styles

Bebe Rexha






DJ Khaled Brandi Carlile Pharrell Williams

Taylor Swift Cardi B & Offset Mick Fleetwood

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45


Rihanna Returns to th

with Super Bowl 2023


Rhian Daly & Ameena Daayo

Rihanna delivered a

stunning Super Bowl

Halftime Show during

the game between the

Philadelphia Eagles and the

Kansas City Chiefs on February


The star took to the stage during

the biggest American football

game of the year to give her

first live performance in five


Rihanna started her 13-minute

set on a moving platform that

hovered high above the stage

on the pitch below. She kicked

off the setlist with a version of

her single “Bitch Better Have

My Money,” before airing

“Where Have You Been,” which

also featured elements of

“Cockiness (I Love It)” mixed into

the track.

Her platform lowered to the




e Big Stage

Halftime Show

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 47


stage for “We Found Love,”

which led into a choreographyfeaturing

rendition of “Rude Boy.”

“Work,” which appeared on her

last album Anti, put Rihanna in

the position of conductor to her

dancers, the white-clad figures

bending, bowing, and crawling in

line with her own gestures.

After airing her DJ Khaled

collaboration “Wild Thoughts,” the

singer performed “Pour It Up” from

her 2012 album Unapologetic

before rounding out the set with

some of her biggest hits and

team-ups. The performance

closed out with snippets of Kanye

West’s “All Of The Lights,” Jay-Z’s

“Run This Town,” and Rihanna’s

own “Umbrella” and “Diamonds.”

Watch Rihanna’s Super Bowl

Halftime Show in full here.

Rihanna sparked much

speculation during the

performance that she was

pregnant with her second child

after rubbing her stomach and,

at times, seeming to dance

gingerly. A representative for the

star later confirmed the news to

be true.

Days before the Super Bowl,

Rihanna shared details of her

performance at an Apple Music

press conference. She jokingly

said that she was relying on

her Fenty beauty line – which

made a cameo during the

performance – to stay looking

sharp and also revealed that she

had gone through 39 iterations of

a setlist for the show.

A trailer was also shared at the

event, which featured a young

child at home on Rihanna Way in




My whole life was shaped on

this very road. I was just a little

girl flying kites in the cemetery

…But I had big dreams.

Barbados. The girl stole

her mother’s sunglasses

before strutting down

the street, soundtracked

by “Run This Town.” At

the end of the video,

the young girl flew a kite

above a cemetery before

a quote from Rihanna

floated across the screen.

It read: “My whole life was

shaped on this very road. I

was just a little girl flying kites

in the cemetery…But I had

big dreams.”

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Sofia Coppola

- Lost In


Being part of a

filmmaking dynasty can be

daunting. Sofia Coppola’s

father, Francis Ford Coppola, was

the man behind The Godfather

Trilogy; to the eyes of Hollywood,

she had big shoes to fill, especially

after making less than a stellar

impression with her acting in The

Godfather Part III.


Female Directors &

Their Most Iconic Film

These incredibly talented

women have given

audiences many excellent

movies throughout their careers,

but only one stands as their most

iconic film.

Female directors have been

enthralling audiences. Ida

Lupino managed to have a

consistent directorial career at

the height of the studio system,

paving the way for many female

filmmakers to come.

However, it’s undeniable that

the gap between male and

female directors is still absurd,

especially considering the sheer

amount of female talent behind

the camera.

Throughout their careers,

these women have directed

some incredible films that will

surely stand the test of time. And

while their body of work speaks

for itself, they, like any other

director, have one particular

project that stands out as their

most iconic.

David Caballero

Ava DuVernay - Selma

Ava DuVernay has a rich filmography

in film and television. She became the first

Black woman to claim the directing award

at Sundance for her second directorial effort,

Middle of Nowhere, but her third film, Selma,

elevated her to the A-list and cemented her

as one of the most promising filmmakers of

the new millennium.




Barbra Streisand -

The Prince Of Tides

Barbra Streisand was one of the

original pop stars who transitioned

to Hollywood. She won the Oscar for

her big-screen debut, 1968’s Funny

Girl, and remained a major box

office draw thanks to films like What’s

Up, Doc? and The Way We Were.

Ida Lupino -

The Hitch-Hiker

Ida Lupino began her acting

career in the 1930s and starred


several high-profile movies during

the 40s, most notably High Sierra and The Hard

Way. By the end of the decade, dissatisfied with the roles

that came her way, she chose not to renew her contract

with Warner Brothers and started an independent studio

with her husband, Collier Young.

Kathryn Bigelow

- The Hurt Locker

Kathryn Bigelow has been directing films since the

late 80s, helming such hits like Point Break and cult

classics like Near Dark and Strange Days. In 2010,

Bigelow became the first woman to win the Oscar for

Best Director for her gripping war thriller, The Hurt Locker.

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 51


Greta Gerwig

- Lady Bird

Like other female

directors, Greta Gerwig

began her career as an

actress, earning acclaim for

her performances in films

like Frances Ha and 20th

Century Women. However,

she achieved international

acclaim as a director

thanks to her debut effort,

2017’s Lady Bird.

Jane Campion -

The Piano

In a career spanning forty

decades, Jane Campion has

achieved critical acclaim. Notorious

for her distinctive visual approach

and recurring themes, Campion’s

work often explores subjects like

eroticism and female liberation, using

cinematic language to the fullest

to portray her characters’ emotions,

often without any words.

Agnes Varda - Cléo

From 5 To 7

Once described by Martin Scorsese

as “one of the gods of cinema,” Agnes

Varda is a cinematic institution. The

French director, famous for her overlyrealistic

yet experimental approach

to filmmaking, was instrumental in

developing the French New Wave

movement of the 50s and 60s.




Chloé Zhao - Nomadland

Known primarily for her independent films, Chinese-born

filmmaker Chloé Zhao became the first woman of color to

win the Oscar for Best Director. Zhao rose to prominence

with her 2015 debut, Songs my Brothers Taught Me, before

earning further critical praise with her sophomore effort,

2017’s The Rider.

Kemi Adetiba

– The Wedding


Kemi Adetiba is a famous

Nigerian filmmaker, television

director and music video

director, whose works have

appeared on Channel O,

MTV Base, Sound City TV, BET

and Netflix. Some of her most

iconic movies include The

Wedding Party (2016), King of

Boys (2018), and King of Boys:

The Return of the King (2021).

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All the Best Hairsty

From The Spring 2


Sasha Bokamoso

You never know what crazy

hairstyles may appear

during fashion weeks. From

bob cuts to bold mullets, take a

look at some of the hair trends

you might see dominating the

Spring/Summer 2023 season.

Can you feel it? The seasons

are changing and that can only

mean one thing: it’s time for

your hair to change too.

Whether you opt for a quick

switch-up by using a hair gloss

to refresh your color or you

invest in hair growth shampoos

to finally achieve the lengths of

your dreams, finding the right

inspo is so important.

Check out our best hairstyles

from the Spring 2023 Runways.



The mullet made a

striking appearance

in runway shows

such as Prabal

Gurung Spring/

Summer 2023. The

‘80s style haircut

paired perfectly with

the show’s eclectic

vibe. The show even

gave us a bit of the

‘70s with the shaggy

bowl cut.

Side-Swept Pixie

While the rocker pixie was popular

in past seasons, clearly Spring/

Summer 2023 is all about the “clean

look.” To achieve this more tamed hairstyle,

simply part your hair to the side and gel, gel, gel.







Teased tresses are a trend

straight from the runways as

seen with Tom Ford Spring/

Summer 2023 and Fendi

Spring/Summer 2023. Show

your wild side next season

with this daring hairstyle.

Bob Cut

It’s official, the bob cut is the

hairstyle for the upcoming spring

and summer seasons. Nearly every

designer highlighted a bob cut to

some degree. The bob is a classic

cut that never misses. This bold

hairstyle instantly adds an edge to

any look.



The low ponytail made an

appearance at Chanel and Miu

Miu. To achieve the look, simply opt

for some pomade to slick the hair

down, pull it back, and accessorize

with a brooch to elevate the


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55



The best thing about bangs is that

it’s such a simple style yet it can

completely transform a look. Bangs

made a big comeback for the spring

and summer season by making

multiple appearances on the catwalk.

Designers really played around with

length as well, with various collections

highlighting bangs of different lengths.

Bold Hues

Color is to be expected for next

spring. Striking hues of teals, pinks,

and greens adorned this year’s

runways and will for sure make their

way to the masses in no time.




Deep Side


The middle or side part debate

has been shut down by

collections such as the Tommy

Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2022 runway

show. The deep side part look

dominated the show and

solidified this hairstyle’s elite




Sleek and structured is also

a recurring theme of the

season. It’s safe, classic,

and doesn’t draw too much

attention away from a look.

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1978 1985 1987

Again . . . Madonna

Re-Invents Herself

with a New Look

Amenna Daayo

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, who is

currently 64 – (but doesn’t look it), left fans

surprised and other celebrities talking in

hushed voices when she took to the stage

at the Grammy Awards 2023 to deliver a speech

ahead of an electric performance by Sam


Anyone who knows Madonna knows that she

is no stranger to invention – she has reinvented

herself more times than Doctor Who, but

Madonna’s latest look has left fans concerned.

A Twitter user spoke the mind of everyone

when she tweeted that “If they didn’t announce

that it was Madonna I’d have no idea who this

person presenting at the Grammy’s was.”

To many critics, it is obvious that Madonna

has touched up different parts of her body, but

the Queen of Pop insists she has never admitted







1999 2001

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 59



2012 2013


to having work done on her face, telling

the press in 2012: “I am certainly not

against plastic surgery.

However, I am absolutely against

having to discuss it.”

It is highly suspected she has had

collagen implants, Botox, and facial

peels. In 2019, following a performance

on New Year’s Eve at New York’s Stonewall

Inn, it was widely speculated Madonna

had butt implants.

In response to the claims, Madonna

said in a post: “Desperately seeking no

one’s approval… and entitled to free

agency over my body like everyone else!”

To others, if Madonna is not engaging

in plastic surgery, then she is definitely an

alien. The singer got more associated

with the term last year after some fans

claimed Madonna looked like an “alien”

in a teaser for her Frozen Remix music


The new look, as we saw at the

Grammys, has got everyone talking

again, especially as it juxtaposes with her

look over the years.

Now we take a look back at

Madonna’s changing face over the










www.glamsquadmagazine.com 61


How to Build the

Perfect Skin Care


It’s not enough to have

good skin-care products:

For your products to be

most effective, you also

need to apply them in the

correct order.

Your routine will depend

on your skin type, the

ingredients and formulations

of your products, and the

time of day. A good rule of

thumb, though, is to apply

in order of texture, from

thinnest to thickest, since

thin products won’t be able

to penetrate thicker ones.

Sasha Bokamoso

Whether you have a threeor

nine-step routine, there’s

one thing anyone can do

to improve their skincare,

which is to apply products

in the right order. No matter

your skin concerns, you’ll

want to start with a clean,

toned base, then apply

concentrated, active

ingredients, and finish by

sealing in moisture—and, of

course, SPF in the daytime.

Here are the steps for a

good skincare regimen:

Wash your face

Morning and night, rinse your face

water and rub a small amount of

gentle cleanser between clean

palms. Massage face wash all over

your face using gentle pressure.

Rinse your hands and massage

your face with water to rinse your

face until you’ve removed the

cleanser and grime. Gently pat

your face dry with a soft towel. If

you wear makeup, you may need

to cleanse twice at night.

First, remove your makeup with

cleansing oil or micellar water. Try

leaving dedicated eye-makeup

removers on for a couple of

minutes to allow the makeup to

come off more easily and avoid

rubbing your eyes. Follow up with a

full-face gentle cleanse.




Apply serum

Morning is a great time to use a serum

with antioxidants—like a brightening vitamin

C serum—because they protect your

skin from free radicals you’ll encounter

throughout the day. Nighttime is a good time

to use a moisturizing serum with hyaluronic

acid, which keeps your skin from drying out

at night, especially if you’re using anti-aging

or acne treatments that can irritate and

dry out the skin. Serums can also contain

exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)

or lactic acid. Whatever you’re using, always

remember: Water-based serums should go

underneath moisturizer; oil-based serums

should be applied after moisturizer.

Use spot treatment

It’s a good idea to use acne spot treatments at night, when

your body is in repair mode. Be wary of layering acne-fighting

ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acids with retinol,

which can cause irritation. Instead, make sure you’re doing the

most to keep skin calm and hydrated.

Apply eye cream

You can apply regular moisturizer

to your under-eye area, but if you

decide to use a specialized eye

cream, you’ll typically want to layer

it underneath moisturizer, since eye

creams tend to be thinner than face

moisturizers. Try using an eye cream

with a metal roller-ball applicator

and storing it in the fridge to

counteract puffiness in the morning.

Using a hydrating eye cream at

night can cause fluid retention

that makes eyes look puffy in the


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 63


Apply face oil

If you use face oil, make sure

to apply it after your other skin-care

products since nothing else will be able

to penetrate the oil.


Moisturizer both hydrates skin and locks

in all the other layers of product you’ve

applied. Look for a lightweight lotion

for the morning, ideally with SPF 30 or

higher. In the evening, you can use a

thicker night cream. Those with dry skin

may want to use a cream morning

and night.

Apply sunscreen

It may be the last step, but nearly any dermatologist will tell

you that sun protection is the most important part of any skin-care

regimen. Protecting your skin from UV rays can prevent skin cancer

and signs of aging. If your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF, you still

need to wear sunscreen. For chemical sunscreens, wait 20 minutes

before going outside for the sunscreen to be effective. Look for

broad-spectrum SPF, meaning that your sunscreen protects from both

UVA and UVB radiation.




Apply toner

If you use toner, apply

after cleansing your face and

before everything else. Pour

a few drops of toner into your

palms or a cotton pad and

gently swipe onto your face.

If your toner is exfoliating—

meaning that it removes

dead skin cells with ingredients

like glycolic acid—use only

at night. Hydrating formulas

can be used twice a day. Do

not use exfoliating toner and

retinoids or other exfoliators at

the same time.

Apply retinoid

Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives

including retinol) can reduce dark

spots, breakouts, and fine lines

by increasing skin-cell turnover,

but they can also be irritating,

especially for sensitive skin. If

you use retinoids, know that they

break down in the sun, so they

should only be used at night. They

also make your skin extra-sensitive

to the sun, so sunscreen is a must.

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Year Of

Ours Ribbed



Nike Mesh-



20 Best Workout

Leggings that Would

Make Working Out a

Fun-Fashion Affair

Karissa Franklin & Dr. Nkechi Omosun

Every year, you tell yourself, “new year,

new me,” but this year, you’re serious.

The vision boards are ready, the

sneakers are laced, and now you just need

the perfect workout clothes to slay any

gym look.

Your perfect workout leggings will feel

custom-made for you and support all your

body goals. There are numerous styles to

meet your every gym need, like moisturewicking

fabric for those intense sweat days

and double-lining to prevent anything from

peeking through.

You may want to show off those glutes,

but I don’t think you mean like that. Those

fleece-lined leggings will be your best




Gap Power



Sweaty Rocks



Gymshark Whitney

High Rise Legging

friend when you hit the

streets during those chilly

winter months. You can

never own too many pairs

when it comes to your

comfort and style.

We live in our athleisure,

so our workout leggings

have to work for the gym

and errands without

completely issuing an outfit


Here, we have listed the

best workout leggings that

would make working-out a

fun-fashion affair.

Calvin Klein

Stirrup Logo


Sweaty Rocks

Ankle-Tie Leggings

Reebok Cardi

B Tights

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 67



By Venus





Secret Love





Elation 2

in 1 Capri


Perfect Fit


FP Movement

Trail Cargo







24 7


Aerie Real Me




Live The





Lululemon Align

V-Waist Leggings

Alo Airlift


Fabletics PureLuxe

Maternity Leggings

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 69


Cape Town:

The City that Ignites


Praise David

Cape Town is a port city in South

Africa located on a peninsula beneath

the imposing Table Mountain. Slowly

rotating cable cars climb to the

mountain’s flat top, from which there

are sweeping views of the city, the busy

harbor, and boats heading for Robben

Island, the notorious prison that once

held Nelson Mandela, which is now a

living museum.

As a port city nestled right on the

coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there are

many incredible beaches for people to

enjoy and endless amounts of fantastic

seafood for consumption. Cape Town

is a popular location for tourists

and is one of the three capitals of

South Africa.

Being home to iconic mountain

ranges, stunning natural wonders,

thrilling landscapes, and ocean

vistas, Cape Town offers no

shortage of adventures. Known

as the adventure capital of South

Africa, the lifestyle of locals and

visitors alike centres around the

outdoors and an active lifestyle

uniquely crafted for lovers.

Over the years, Cape Town has

become a city that ignites love and

a choice destination for overs and

tourists across the globe. Here are the

reasons why...




www.glamsquadmagazine.com 71





www.glamsquadmagazine.com 73


How To


The Perfect

Egusi Soup

At Home

By Chef Amaka


Egusi is a West African name for the

seeds of plants like squash, melons, and

gourds that, when dried and ground,

become a staple ingredient in many

West African dishes.

Particularly, in Nigerian culture, egusi is popular

with pounded yam. These seeds are rich in fat and

protein, and add these essential nutrients into West

African Cuisine.

Nigerian Egusi Soup is a soup thickened with

ground melon seeds and contains leafy and other


It is one of the most popular soups prepared by most

tribes in Nigeria with considerable variation and

often eaten with dishes like Pounded Yams. Prepare

it with goat, beef, fish, or shellfish!





• 1 cup blended onions

(about 3- 5 and fresh chilies, to


• 4 cups egusi (melon

seeds, ground or milled)

• 1/2 – 1 cup palm oil

• 2 teaspoons fresh Une

(Iru, locust beans)

• Salt (to taste)

• Ground crayfish (to


• 7– 8 cups stock

• Cooked Meat & fish

(quantity and variety to personal


• 2 cups cut pumpkin


• 1 cup waterleaf (cut)

• 3 tablespoons bitter

leaf (washed)


Prepare the egusi paste:

Blend egusi seeds and onion

mixture. Set aside.


• In a large pot, heat the

palm oil on medium for a minute

and then add the Une.

• Slowly add the stock

and set on low heat to simmer.

• Scoop teaspoon size

balls of the egusi paste mixture

into the stock. Be sure to keep

ball shape.

• Leave to simmer for

20 – 30 minutes so the balls cook


• Add the meat and fish

and other bits which you’d like to


• Add cut-up pumpkin


• Add the waterleaf.

• Stir and put a lid on the

pot and allow to cook for 7–10

minutes, till the leaves wilt.

• Add the bitter leaf.

Leave the lid off while the

cooking finishes for another 5-10


• Stir, check seasoning

and adjust accordingly.

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